Coffee Shop of the Week: Holy Grain Coffee

When I first moved to Orlando, the beanie-sporting, grassroots-errific  hipster in me (that’s what she said?) was super bummed by what seemed to be a lack of local coffee shops. After living in Colorado for multiple summers with its multitude of homegrown, homespun, homemade java spots, I was conditioned to dwell amidst well-loved cushy couches and baristas with tousled (possibly unwashed) hair who rode mountain bikes down ski slopes in the middle of July.

I was inundated with Starbucks’ upon my Sunshine State arrival.

Bear in mind, I am not a coffee snob. I am not above a cup of 7-Eleven joe on the way to work. I am definitely not against a Pumpkin-y brew at Wawa (the one near Sea World almost always has baby size sample cups available!). I used to work at Starbucks well before we were brutalizing those poor employees with novelty frappuccino’s of Unicornian descent. But, I do truly enjoy a local joint with art, music, regulars, and of course, chalkboards. Eventually, I found the seemingly hidden pockets of morning brew through careful city exploration .

Holy Grain Coffee is a new discovery of mine located on Conroy Road in a business building of various services. Settled in among a gym and a kitchen/bath store, this quiet little coffee shop is as welcoming and cozy, as it is clean (not always a given in even the trendiest of coffee stops).

The baristas are always kind and inviting. Have at it with a baked treat and a foamy chai latte which you can grab to go or have served to your table in a lovely mug meant for your next perfect Instagram shot. I typically go for a small, basic coffee. They’ll add the cream and sugar for you because they’re awesome like that. 

On occasion, customers can stop in for a “late happy hour” with the usual cup o’ joe offerings, plus beer, wine and live music. I’ve been to the store in the mornings as well as the afternoon and never been met with a feisty, entitled crowd. The atmosphere is more elevated than your hip Austin’s Coffee without seeping into a lofty tone of café snobbery.

Bonus Points: They give you a Hershey kiss with dine-in purchases.
Super Bonus Points: THE CHEMEX. Read below:

Oh, and guess what! The coffee tastes great. Always hot. Always fresh. Never yuck.

Give it a go, kids!

Holy Grain Coffee
6735 Conroy Rd -Suite 109
Orlando, FL

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