Welcome & Howdy Do.

Well, here it is, folks! Our first collaborative foray into the world of Orlando women. We are all thrilled to have this corner of the interweb to share with you everything as superficial (but necessary) as the woes of gray hair and as mountain-moving as making this community a better place.

First posts on blogs are always a bit of a nightmare for me. They’re a first impression that I typically think of last when starting a blog. Only after the efforts of designing graphics and calling upon contributors and caffeinated brainstorming and tedious post organization do I remember, “Oh right. I should say hello to the people who just stepped into my digital home.”

Hello! Thank you for being here.

This intro will be short and brief to keep the possibility of “love at first sight” thriving for us, dear reader. If you know too much, you’ll be sure to see our blemishes.

The Lady Beautiful is a blog based on female centric happenings in and around the Greater Orlando area. Though generally created by female writers, our mission extends beyond the female gender into the empowered “spirit” of the modern day woman. What we share here will be fueled by the strength, openness, tenacity and drive accomplished over decades by not only women, but anyone overcoming oppression, great or small.  The blog will not focus on unattainable Stepford perfection, but rather, inspire and encourage growth through the embrace of quirky imperfections. Humor shall not be overlooked and Heart will weave itself through the stories.

We are loud minds in lipstick. Hear us out and enjoy our many shades of boss.

We invite you to dive in, soak up, climb aboard, and chow down on our delicious buffet of culture, ideas, creativity, life lessons, and more. For you and your inner lady are what keep this world and this city beautiful.

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