The Ladies Talk Bra’s

Underwire, padding, adjustable straps, back hooks, front clasps.

Am I describing war armor? A fencing uniform? Thrill ride restraints?

Love it or hate it, the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder is simply one of life’s daily necessities for women. From the torpedo-sharp brassieres of yesteryear that could quite literally take an eye out, to the barely-there bralettes of today that seem to say “I’m a lacy, fitted crop top that hangs out under your shirt,” bras have been the epitome of the love-hate relationship for decades.

Without them, we flop in the wind and are noticeably cold.

With them, we are short on cash and second-guessing our sheer shirts with the open back. 

Today, the ladies share some of their favorite brands and styles of the notorious bra. Take note.

What The Ladies Say

I think the most important aspect of a comfy bra is getting fitted and knowing your size. Since being fitted, I haven’t had a problem with varying brands; they all feel great. I do recommend if your straps tend to stretch (like mine do), finding a bra where the straps are fully adjustable is key.

I prefer the Dream Angel Bra from Victoria’s Secret. I like it because it has a lace based band, which, for me, a size 38B (a weird size), prevents that back bulge around the bra band. I love it in “champagne” color, as that most closely blends into my skin so i can wear it with white shirts.

I like Wacoal or Glamorise bras. They have my size (44B), and they both have a front-hook bra that is not a racerback (very hard to find) For work (RN), I wear sports bras. Ain’t nobody got time for adjusting straps when you’re doing chest compressions.

I love Knixwear. They are definitely pricey, but I work outside and do a lot of active performances. And it’s the only bra that is supportive, wicks sweat, and doesn’t make my back hurt at the end of a long day. Plus they have fun Limited Edition colors that they introduce every couple months. For me it has definitely been worth the investment.


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