Coffee Shop of the Week: Concord Coffee

A slight jaunt beyond the Orlando border lies Lakeland, Florida. If you don’t mind a little weekend drive (about 45-50 minutes from the attractions), Lakeland is a fun day trip destination. They have an actual drive-in movie theatre. We’re talking, straight up- Twister style, drive-in movie theatre. Plus, along the way, there is the famous Dinosaur World which. is. a. delight. and. I’m. not. kidding.

After a gig in Sarasota a couple of weeks ago, I quickly referred to Yelp (my coffee seeking comrade of choice) to see if there were any coffee shops along the route back to Orlando. What I found was a golden gem.

Concord Coffee (Lakeland, FL)

Concord Coffee is located in an almost-hidden little nook of glory in Lakeland’s historic downtown district. It was certainly packed with people, but didn’t feel chaotic. The baristas were kind, knowledgable, and the perfect amount of hipster-y for the modern day café experience. 

The ambiance was buzzing with the exact right dosage of laptop keyboard clicks, small talk, and spoon clinks. There were job interviews, Bible studies, day dates, and friendly rendezvous happening all at once. This was the righteous display of Concord Coffee’s entire mission. “Concord” means “together in harmony and peace.” How perfect is that?

My new menu item of choice: café au lait, was simply delightful in the outdoor walkway seating, dotted with sun roof windows and pristinely white tables, adorned in tiny succulents. The visit was brief but poignant. 

Can’t make the trek out to Lakeland anytime soon? Don’t worry. They have a coffee subscription service and online shop! Get your caffeine buzz on and enjoy in just a few days!

Concord Coffee

1037 Florida Ave South, No. 135
Lakeland, Florida 33803
Instagram: @concordcoffee
Facebook: @concordcoffee
Twitter: @concordcoffeeco

We are always on the hunt for great coffee shops in and around Orlando! If Lakeland is too far for you, consider Paloma Coffee Co in Windermere, FL. Tell us about your favorite coffee shops so we can include them in our next review!

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