The Ladies Talk: Bring It To Orlando!

Orlando is certainly a magical place with its theme parks, boy band roots, and nearby beaches. But, it’s no secret that many of its residents are transported here from other lands. Many of us were intrigued by the allure of the booming entertainment industry, the colorful thrills, the tropical sun, the Butterbeer.

With heavy tourism comes a seeming necessity to exchange the local mom ‘n pop shop for familiar chain restaurants to accommodate the money-spending, tightly-scheduled, Mickey Ear-sporting vacationer. And as with any city, its common for the transported resident to grow homesick for their regional favorites. When Wawa, Trader Joe’s and Shake Shack made their way here, we leapt for joy. But, why stop there?

This week, we chatted up the ladies to see what’s missing from their home away from home. Here are the establishments and products we’d love to see move to Orlando. What would you add to the list?

What The Ladies Say

Sarah says, “Wegmans! It‘s almost like Publix meets Whole Foods plus a prepared food bistro that is just divine. I miss it so much!” Check out Wegmans!


Candace says, “COOK-OUT. The most magical thing about my college town was ordering pulled pork with corn dog nuggets as a side, and one of their FORTY+ milkshakes at 2AM. Naturally. The picture of health!Check out Cook-Out!


Candace says, “Harris Teeter. Go ahead and laugh at the name. But, then enjoy some of the most high class BOGO shopping of your life.” Check out Harris Teeter!


Candace says, “Don’t hate me. I prefer Bruegger’s Bagels to Einstein. It’s more lunch focused and I love their soups! Looks like the closest one to Orlando is in Tampa. Let’s fix that, yo!” Check out Bruegger’s Bagels!


Christie says, “Ale 8-1. Caffeinated. Ginger. Ale.” Check out Ale 8-One!


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