Sweet Spot: Sugar Divas Cakery

Sometimes, you just need a friggin’ cupcake. 

I was delighted when my friend Laura invited me out for a bite of before-dinner-desserts recently. After a long week of summer teaching, Sugar Divas Cakery in sunny, sweet SODO was the perfect destination for chit-chat and sugar.

The adorable bakery is exactly what you’d want from a cake shop: brimming with hot pinks and catchy prints, familiar music playing quietly in the background, gorgeous wedding cake displays in the window. We were welcomed by the friendliness of the staff who were happy to list off the special flavors of the week. I can’t say I absorbed all the details as I fawned over the dessert case in a way that can only be described as cartoonish. How exactly does one choose between a French Toast Cupcake and a Keylime Cupcake? 

After finally settling upon the Pineapple Cupcake (a glorious conglomeration of tropical flavors, satiny, fluffy frosting, and a surprising filling that says, “Take that, Pineapple Upside Down Cake!”), we were served with plate and fork and instructed not to clean up after ourselves.

What a delicious reprieve from the norm. “Eat sugar and don’t clean up.” I’ll take that philosophy any day (says the 22-weeks-pregnant-woman).

Whether you’re looking for a cake for your next special occasion, or need a $3.50 quick fix in the sweets department, Sugar Divas is your gal. Try them out today!

Sugar Divas Cakery
25 W Crystal Lake St,
Orlando, FL 32806
Official Website
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