The Ladies Talk: Central Florida Ice Cream

We might be having an identity crisis here at The Lady Beautiful. It’s September and we’re wrapping ourselves in autumnal garland while stuffing our proverbial gourds with pumpkin spice anything. And yet, it’s a bajillion degrees outside and we’re craving ice cream.

One of the finer things about living in the sunshine state is that ice cream is always in season. This week, we chatted up the ladies to discover their favorite ice cream joints around Central Florida. From classic sundaes to kahlua-filled milkshakes and fancy post-ramen soft serve, here’s what they had to say. 

What The Ladies Say

Cat says, “Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream in Audubon Park! Also Domu makes killer soft serve to follow their amazing ramen.” Photo Credit: Kimberly C. and Angela Q. of Yelp


Candace says, “Ginther’s Swirls, an offshoot of Twistee Treat, is a classic little ice cream stop near Sea World. If you want pure soft serve, hot fudge sundaes, banana splits, or my personal favorite, the cookie dough twirl, this is your place.Photo Credit: Trip Advisor 


Julie says, “The Soda Fountain!” Another classic ice cream joint, get your fill of assorted, decadent sundaes and wash it down with a sorbet spritzer or an adult milkshake.


Sarah says, “I always love Kilwin’s in Celebration! Worth it for just the smell of the baking waffle cones alone!”
Photo Credit: Daniel P. of Yelp


Danielle says, “Just had a Tofutti Vegan Vanilla Cone at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at Magic Kingdom! It was delicious!” Photo Credit: Iris S. of Yelp

What’s your favorite ice cream shop in Central Florida? Do share. We’re eager to keep cooling off even in September! 

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