Restaurant Review: Mrs. Potato

This has to be, hands down, one of the most unique dining experiences I’ve had in a minute (or twelve). Tucked discreetly into a strip mall off of Kirkman Road among a versatile offering of international cuisines, sits Mrs. Potato. 

The Brazilian restaurant caught my eye about a year ago on Yelp with its glorious photos of what seemed to be circular hashbrowns crosshatched intricately in sour cream. My ignorance has been dismantled. I now know this to be the restaurant’s claim to fame: The Rosti.

The Rosti as defined by Mrs. Potato herself, is “a handmade stuffed hashbrown made to order, crispy on the outside, savory and hearty on the inside.” Choose from a wide variety of flavors such as calabresa, broccoli, ham, onions, four-cheese and optionally top it off with a scrumptious Brazilian cream cheese sauce. Not into hashbrowns? Opt for a more classic baked potato, or upgrade the meal entirely with a sweet potato instead to feel extra bougie. 

The menu goes further with Brazilian favorites including burgers, yucca fries, black beans, and empanadas. We whet our appetites with “chicken drops” which sounded odd at first. These funny-shaped bites were beautifully breaded morsels of shredded chicken which partnered nicely with the signature hot sauce and garlic sauce brought right to the table. No grease, just goodness.

Homemade Hot Sauce

Finish your meal with some homemade flan and you’ll be saying, “Thanks. I’m finished eating for the month. That was divine.” We couldn’t pass this little dessert up and we’re glad we didn’t. 

Our meal was paired with the delightful outdoor ambience of refreshing rain, Brazilian tunes, orange striped table cloth, and some of the sweetest and most attentive servers. Also, the melange of Mrs. Potato Head figurines just adds to the homey, humble humor of it all. Do yourself a favor. Take a break from your usual sub and chips, and hit up Mrs. Potato for a lunch you’ll never forget. 

Mrs. Potato is located at:

4550 S. Kirkman Rd.
Orlando, Fl 32811
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