The Ladies Talk: Halloween

It’s no doubt that Halloween is not to be outdone by Orlando. From the extravagant theme park events to THE Spooky Empire, from adorable church pumpkin patches and all new local corn mazes, it’s another ghost-filled seasoned to be reckoned with in Central Florida.

Here’s what our ladies are doing to celebrate the season. You still have the entire day to fit in your batty jollies. 🙂 Happy Halloween, everyone!

What The Ladies Say

Christy saysI only have time for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights this year, but it’s such a fun event as long as you’re into intense and scary. With six scare zones and ten houses, it’s the largest HHN ever! If scares aren’t your thing, they have a lot of fun food this year, from waffles based on Eleven’s (Stranger Things) love of Eggos to perennial favorites like pizza fried and twisted taters. (Photo Credit:

Lauren says, “I love to eat “seasonal” foods. In Florida we tend to have most produce all year, but that wasn’t the case where I grew up. Squash, pumpkin…you name it! The minute the temperature dropped below 80 I made some soup beans. Pretty much just navy beans, ham hock, and water in a crock pot; it was the taste of fall growing up for me. 
I’m not sure if I’ll have time to carve a pumpkin this year, but a friend of mine did and I roasted the seeds. Aside from food, my partner and I have a fire pit in our backyard. It’s a big tradition for us to sit outside by the fire at night, even when it’s just the two of us.” (Photo Credit:

Candace says, “Oh, how I have loved embracing the Fall since exactly August 28th when the PSL made its official return to Starbucks. I have no intention of letting Autumn go when Halloween passes. This year, I enjoyed a rousing evening at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party which was a good pace for this very pregnant gal filled with lots of delicious candy. As the weather just turned “cool” (by Florida standards), Sunday night proved to be the perfect night for pumpkin carving to none other than- go figure- “Halloween.” Classic.

Laura says, “Each fall we enjoy making caramel apples with made-from-scratch caramel and tart granny smith apples-they are delicious!” Grab the recipe here and try these for yourself! (Photo Credit:

Tabitha has kept her kids creative and busy with candy corn pie pizza, insanely adorable decorations, pumpkin carving and painting, and Santa’s Farm in Eustis, FL with its melange of Fall activities including “Elf Tag” and fresh-picked pumpkins from New York & Ohio. 

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